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Before the launch of the ICO, there is very little time left.

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About us

IBMS is a consolidation of procurement system, designed to optimize the production process, improve and optimize the logical scheme of the delivery of goods to the final retail point of sale, and also for the most optimized process of temporary or permanent storage of goods in warehouses. We create a system that is able to reduce the cost of goods for the end- user, thereby increasing markets and sales volume, maintaining profit of the retail stores.


With the help of the system, you can make a wholesale purchase of items from the factory in a few clicks of the mouse.


While we do all the work for you, you can spend more time with your family without thinking about work.

Workflow automation

The system itself will form all the necessary documents for the implementation of the buying process and delivering goods.


You save time that you can spend on your business development, rather than on a monotonous job.

About the service

To learn more about IBM system, please see the video below.


Time saving

All kinds of items

Till implementation of the basic functionality and the launching of all systems, there is very little time left.

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Fill out the application for registration and we will notify you when the system will be launched or we will invite you to participate in the system testing. Hurry up, the number of participants in this test is limited.